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So much manure....So little time. Our high-flow systems are built to be simple, efficient, reliable and highly effective.
Our teams use and test new products until they are Applicator Approved™.


This company is owned and operated by Ben and Kathy Puck.  They began a manure application business in 1979 with vacuum trucks.  As production agriculture in Iowa grew, so did their application business. 

To meet the needs of their customers, Ben and his team were always working to create new solutions.  This is a strong tradition at PCE that brings forth new products every season.

In 2005, PCE manufactured its first item for sale, the PCE Hose Cart.  It received a US Patent in 2009, and in 2010 we were opening the doors on a new manufacturing facility producing a handful of unique products for dragline systems. 

The systems and products we sell have been innovated with the sole purpose to create a better quality-of-life for the people operating them.  This happens through higher efficiencies and ease of operation. 

From everyone at Puck Custom Enterprises and the Puck Family, we thank you sincerely for your contributions to this industry and your interest in our company and products.  We wish you good fortune in 2017.