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Tier 3 on Clearance

Posted on Monday, November 7, 2016 in News at PCE

Tier 3 on Clearance
By Nancy Trapolino
November 7, 2016

This is the end of Tier 3.  Thirteen months to go, with limited quantities available.

If you'd like new equipment with Tier 3 engines, now is a good time to plan for those units to be built. 

December 31, 2017 will be the last day Tier 3 engines can enter OEM production lines across the country. 

Place your order early!  Engine manufacturers have earlier deadlines to cease manufacture of Tier 3 engines in 2017.

John Deere Tier 3 Engine

A few advantages we see to the Tier 3 engines:

1) Price: Early pricing estimates on Tier 4 show added cost.

2) Results: Good history, longevity and work experience.  These have been great engines for the working conditions we put them into.

3) Maintenance: Less service requirements than Tier 4. No DEF fluid and simple air filter components.

If you'd like to add Tier 3 Units to your operation, please give us a call!

Tier 4 plans are in process at PCE, and while the look of equipment will change we expect the same performance and functionality moving into 2018 with Tier 4 engines.

PCE Pump Units Available:

Booster Pumps:  3 Series (9.0L - 375hp  •  13.5L - 550-600hp  •  18.0L - 765hp)

Booster "crossover" Force Feeds: Warthog (Rear-PTO Engine runs a Lagoon Feeder to double as a Lead Pump)

Lead Pumps: Honey Badger, Force Feed Gooseneck (with or without the boom), Self Prime Trailer, Lead Pump Boat

Agitation Boats: Battleship or Destroyer

Agitation Trailers: Scorpion

Mass Mix Agitation System: Mix Master