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4WD Systems


The easiest and most efficient way to run an applicator.  Easy to turn-around, switch tools, or navigate difficult terrain or conditions.

PCE 4WD System:

PCE 4WD Swing Pipes

PCE tractor-mounted swing pipes operate independently of the toolbar, providing stability throughout the applicator with less stress on the toolbar and tractor during turn-arounds.

PCE 4WD Folding Toolbars

PCE injector bars are made in a variety of widths (20’ to 35’) of folding tool bars.  Depending on the tool, they are made of 4’ x 6’ x ¼’ material up to 6’ x 6’ x ½’ wall material to fit the need of your application environment.  Some row units mount to same-size toolbars but in most cases they are made for your specific application needs.

PCE Manifolds

PCE Manifolds deliver an even flow of nutrient to each row unit for consistent, even field application.  

EVEN FLOW DISTRIBUTION: Consistent nutrient distribution across the field

PROVEN EQUALIZATION: Increased velocity and individual vents lead to equal distribution across hoses of unequal lengths

CLEAN OUT ON THE GO: Open the gate from the tractor cab to flush the manifold and keep going


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