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Krohne Measurement


Accuracy counts, especially when you're being paid by the gallon.  PCE uses KROHNE measurement devices because KROHNE is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of measurement solutions.  Understanding the unique needs and rugged conditions applicators face, KROHNE has adapted measurement solutions to the manure industry without sacrificing accuracy.

  • Flow
  • Pressure
  • Level

Safety, Control & Accuracy

PCE assembles all systems with a KROHNE flow meter on the lead pump and another on the applicator tractor. Through LightSpeed the operator in the application tractor can see a side-by-side verification of flow, pressures from each pump unit, and the pit level, ensuring the system is operating safely, securely, and accurately.


Electromagnetic Flow Meters

Agricultural Version: completely potted flow tube and electronics eliminate condensation and dampen vibration for longevity, even in tough conditions.

Pressure Transmitter

Superb accuracy over wide temperature and pressure ranges, compact stainless-steel housing, rapid response times, outstanding reproducibility and long-term stability.



Level Transmitter

Rigid installation on PCE's lead pumps allow pit monitoring through LightSpeed.


Technical Documents

IFC 100 Converter Datasheet

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