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Voyager Boat Commander


Agitation is so important. Now the PCE Boat can keep going when you need to put the remote down. Voyager’s Auto-Steer feature directs the boat in a continuous pattern for complete coverage.  You set the boundaries and the Boat keeps going.

  • Auto-steer keeps the boat agitating
  • Monitor performance on shore  

  • Auto-resume: Quickly resume agitation after fueling or shut-down with a single command
  • Joystick for steering
  • Paddle switches for gate open & close with display page
  • Neck strap for carrying and holding remote during operation
  • Single function for each button
  • Voyager includes all the features of Guardian with the wireless remote


Our sand customers count on us to empty and clean their pits. That has become an easy task with our PCE Boat. Not one of our guys has had to excavate a lagoon.
Ryan Beebee
R&B Alternative Solutions, LLC, New York

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