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Guardian Pump Protection


Guardian watches over your pumps all the time. Preset pressures and flow, turn on auto-throttle and it will self-regulate.  This adds another layer of safety, without additional labor, and it WORKS WITHOUT INTERNET. If your LightSpeed connections drops momentarily, Guardian is still monitoring your pumps.  If you don't have LightSpeed, Guardian can still regulate pressures and provide that continuous layer of safety without more people.

  • Standard on all PCE Pump Units
  • Adds safety
  • Improves performance
  • Easy to use

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Running Lightspeed and boosters with auto-throttle leaves me speechless. There are so many great things about it. It makes us incredibly faster firing up on new sets. We are at full speed within a few minutes, rather than 20 minutes of hot laps on our quads checking all the pumps. Its efficiency and safety at your finger tips.
Ryan Beebee
R&B Alternative Solutions, LLC, New York

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