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LightSpeed Communication


Control each pump in your system from the tractor cab. LightSpeed provides 2-way communication with each PCE Pump Unit using a cellular signal. Fine-tune your system for higher efficiencies and improved safety.

  • NEW! Read Pit Level over LightSpeed - with a Level Meter
  • Auto-throttle settings for each unit
  • More information from Guardian helps you plan ahead
  • Warning indicator for machine vitals

LightSpeed Screen



MobileStar Original Pump Control
Running Lightspeed and boosters with auto-throttle leaves me speechless. There are so many great things about it. It makes us incredibly faster firing up on new sets. We are at full speed within a few minutes, rather than 20 minutes of hot laps on our quads checking all the pumps. Its efficiency and safety at your finger tips.
Ryan Beebee
R&B Alternative Solutions, LLC, New York

The Lightspeed works great! Takes a lot of worry out of the day. We usually just run with three people, and it's not the end of the world if someone is late or needs to be offsite for a while.
Will Rohwer
Twin Creek Farms, Minnesota

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