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Self Prime Trailers

Capitalizing on "Free Energy"

Self-Prime Trailers use a suction hose and "free energy" rather than a submersible feeder pump.  The centrifigual pump on the trailer is “primed” with a hydraulic vacuum pump. Once liquid reaches the pump, the laws of physics take over.  With a little know-how, this is an efficient way to pump manure with less fuel cost. 

Lift up to 20 ft at 2500 GPM, or 14 ft at 3500 GPM

Self-Prime Features

Self-Prime Models

Cornell 6NHTC-19 with a PCE Primer

Model Performances SP 5070L
550 hp
SP 4070L
375 hp
Productive 210,000 gal/hr @ 175 psi (400 ft) 150,000 gal/hr @ 175 psi (400 ft)
Effective At 3,500 GPM, feed 12 lengths of 10 inch mainline  At 2,500 GPM, feed 7 lengths of 8 inch mainline 
Efficient Requires 520 hp consuming 24 gal of fuel per hour Requires 350 hp consuming 16 gal of fuel per hour
Over 400 Hours: 84 million gallons with 9,600 gallons of fuel 60 million gallons with 6,400 gallons of fuel