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Pull Type Toolbar


Puck Custom Enterprises has teamed up with Bauer Built Manufacturing to produce an innovative new toolbar. PCE’s first front-fold, 45-foot applicator makes the process even more efficient, allowing for easier turns while in the ground and on the end rows, more travel per row, and less maintenance. The technology, developed through the combination of Bauer Built’s years of experience with the DB planter line and PCE’s expertise in manure application, includes these features:

  • 800 series flotation tires
  • Double 4x6 toolbar
  • New Torsion Flex Injector, a Coulter-style tillage tool designed by Bauer Built, with Torsion axles on the oil bath Coulters available in 22- and 24-inch diameters
  • 13- or 8-wave blade design
  • Closers contain greaseless high speed hub
  • Up to 35-degree pivot on row unit, allowing for less stress when turning around
  • One grease Zerk per pair of openers, located on the swivel
  • PCE 8-inch swing arm on applicator bar (same as used on 4WD)
  • Dampener cylinder, sealed main swing arm bearings and pull swivel
  • 30-inch and 24-inch row spacings