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Boosters with Hydrostats

Add Lead Pump Functions

Using an engine with a rear-PTO, allows a booster to also operate attachments, such as a lagoon feeder.  Equipped with the standard PCE Booster Bypass, the trailer is set-up to give you more versatility.

  • 3,000+ gallon per minute pump capacities
  • Guardian control panel
  • LightSpeed ready
  • Operates the Lagoon Feeder
  • Works as a Booster Pump

Models Tier 3 Engine Cornell Pump
7682 CAT c18 - 765 hp Cornell 81022 MP
6080 John Deere 13.5L - 600hp Cornell 81020 MP
6070 John Deere 13.5L - 600hp Cornell 6819 MPC


Team Player

A hydrostat on a booster pump gives you versatility to meet different needs at each site. Maybe you want to run an extra line, have a back-up for your lead pump, or use it as a booster for extra distance.

LightSpeed Start-Up


Not only is it LightSpeed fast, you can start, stop, monitor and adjust both pumps from miles away in the field, giving you the same control as if you were standing right next to it.

• Full start-up from the field! 

• Engage & Adjust Feeder Pump

• Target Flow Rate

• Set Pressure Parameters

Set it and flow

Set it and Flow

• Guardian is always watching the pump, and works without an internet connection, making it a great safety feature for any situation.

• Auto-Throttle: Set Flow, Pressures, and Automatic Responses

• Constantly Adjusts the Feeder Pump & Primary Pump for best performance

More Gallons Per Gallon

• More gallons pumped per gallon of diesel fuel

• High Flow, High Efficiency Pump

• Hydrostat system transmits more horsepower to the feeder pump for even more fuel savings