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Lead Pumps

Service Any Storage

A solution for any storage type!  Full control through LightSpeed, and all the on-board protections of Guardian.

Types of Storage A PCE Solutions:
Deep-Pits YES
Concrete Tanks YES
Ponds / Lagoons YES
Slurry Stores YES

Force Feed

Force Feed Trailer

The Game Changer. Excellent performance and options. Add the lagoon feeder, or use the primer to service ponds.

Honey Badger

Honey Badger

One Size Fits All! Reach over a slurry store.

Force Feed

Self Prime Trailer

Self-Prime Trailers use a suction hose and "free energy" rather than a submersible feeder pump.  

PCE Boats

Lead Pump Boats

Agitator and Lead Pump!  Operated wirelessly through LightSpeed to work seamlessly with your PCE System.


Boosters with Hydrostat

Lead Pump with the lagoon feeder, or high performance booster without.

Lagoon Feeder

Lagoon Feeder

Your Only Sidekick. Matches with Force Feed, Honey Badger or Warthog. Engages through LightSpeed.



Force Feed Trailers
Honey Badgers
Lagoon Feeder Attachment add pond service using a hydrostat
Self Prime Trailers Simple Design
Our PCE equipment is a pleasure to work with. It is operator friendly and very durable, but most importantly very efficient. PCE Systems have allowed us to go from 1200 gpm to over 3500 gpm at times.
Rich Ro Farms, Michigan

Running Lightspeed and boosters with auto-throttle leaves me speechless. There are so many great things about it. It makes us incredibly faster firing up on new sets. We are at full speed within a few minutes, rather than 20 minutes of hot laps on our quads checking all the pumps. Its efficiency and safety at your finger tips.
Ryan Beebee
R&B Alternative Solutions, LLC, New York

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