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PCE Control Systems

Simple and Proven

Pump at LightSpeed!  Start up, Shut down, Throttle and Monitor all your PCE Pumps from anywhere.  Watch pressures, flow, level, and all engine parameters in real-time.  Each unit is equipped with 2-way communication, so you can run the system with a click - making decisions easier and operation safer.

PCE LightSpeed 

Fastest Start Up

Fastest Start-Up - Instant Shut-Down

From a single screen, operate your entire system. Live numbers, instant control, constant monitoring.


Full Operation from any device, anywhere

All team members can login to help monitor and control the system.  Use your phone, a tablet or computer.

PCE Guardian 

Line Breaks

SET IT AND FLOW - Auto-Throttle

Set your operating parameters, and the unit will automatically perform for best performance.

Easy to Use

Easy to use

Convenient touch screen interface, intuitive navigational features, at-a-glance overviews.

Control Panel Features


PCE Voyager 

auto steer

Auto-Steer: Agitate with a plan

No interruptions. Thoroughly address the entire area. Set boundaries to focus agitation as needed.  Run two boats without additional labor.

Feedback on Shore

Feedback on Shore

Live numbers display on the remote letting you know how the boat is operating. Monitor fuel, pressure & performance, and see engine warnings on the remote's screen.



Guardian Pump Protection
LightSpeed Communication
Voyager Boat Commander