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Dragline System

dragline system

PCE Dragline Systems -
The most efficient and environmentally friendly way to utilize animal manure as a natural fertilizer to grow crops.

6 Elements of a Dragline System:

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The most efficient way to move liquid is through a hose.  

Lay-flat hose provides us the opportunity to own and relocate infrastructure so we can service multiple customers.  

One-Way Transportation

  • Less Fuel
  • Less Time
  • Less Traffic
  • Less Weight impact on local roads and bridges

Any Distance

  • Add hose and booster pumps for distance
  • Manage any distance with a team of three: Control the entire PCE System from a single point with LightSpeed. 

Less Time

  • Continuous Flow: up to 3,500 gallons per minute means 210,000 gallons per hour.....over a million gallons a day.
  • Ability to finish large jobs in less time
  • Opportunity to service more customers

The most responsible way to apply manure is directly into the soil as natural fertilizer.  

With a dragline, we can pull the hose through the field for continuous direct-injection.  

Measured Nutrient

  • Applied as natural fertilizer at agronomic rates - based on manure & soil nutrient samples and future crop needs.
  • Volumetric measurement tied into GPS mapping and record-keeping. 

Best Placement

  • Immediately injected into the ground at the root zone
  • Nutrients are most available to the crop in the root zone where the soil stays moist. 
  • A single pass minimizes compaction, time and fuel.

Environmentally Safe 

  • Direct-Injection greatly decreases nutrient loss to the air and water
  • Less run-off
  • Less odor

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